More Five Questions with…
Q&A with Wonder Woman fans…


Welcome to “More Five Questions with…”, a repository of the five questions asked by Aegisbearer, the moderator of the Wonder Woman message board at Comic Book Resources. Originally posted on Comic Book Resources, you can find the questions asked to the people to the right, all being fans of the Amazon Princess.

These questions were asked to CBR Board posters who are also fans of the Amazon Princess. Each interview adds a bit more to the mythos that is Diana.

Here is the original post from CBR:

With the extraordinary success of the “Five Wonder Questions” with creators, writers, artists, and the Marstons, now it’s time to hear from you, Diana’s fans. Please give us, your Wonder Peers, some insight into your connection with Diana. Many thanks to Vanguard01 and Black Tornado for their contributions.

1. When and how were you first introduced to the character of Wonder Woman?

2. Why do you feel the way you do about Wonder Woman?

3. Where do you think Diana fits as part of the DCU trinity and/or does she still carry the same level of importance as Superman and Batman?

4. In comparison to the other heroes of the DCU, where does Wonder Woman surpass the other heroes, and in what areas does she fall behind?

5. DC hands you the reins to writing Wonder Woman. What would you keep? What would you change? Why?

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